Our Irish Music Experience

Traditional Irish Music

Ron and I are great appreciators of good music. If you enjoy a good jig, a lamenting tune, or perhaps cynical humor in a love song, Ireland is calling you! The musicians were all talented and enjoyed their craft. In each case we were also introduced to Irish dancers, performing and talking about the tradition. So, interesting!

Dingle Music Shop


The entire Rick Steve’s tour group enjoyed a traditional concert at the cozy Dingle Music Shop – Siopa Ceoil An Daingin. It was fun to hear another music and the tradition of music in the community. I appreciated the atmosphere and the music.

Musical Pub Crawl


The experience was educational and not a crazy drinking experience, thank goodness! Two musicians, three locally owned pubs, and descriptions of the instruments and music. Traditional Irish music can be divided into three categories:

1. Love songs (some cynical)

2. Drinking songs (or post drinking laments)

3. Battle songs

The artists introduced us to great participation songs that were fun and a bit cynical about love. One example, Tippin’ It Up to Nancy (https://www.norbeck.nu/abc/lyrics.asp?rhythm=song&ref=20). In addition to the music they shared information about traditional instruments. They talked about the Bodhrán, Celtic Harp, and Uilleann pipes.

We enjoyed our “pub crawl “ and the music was fun!


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