And the (limerick) winners are….

During our 8 day Rick Steve’s tour of Ireland, our guide Joe Darcy challenged the group to write a limerick or two. Our group was all in!!

Cristina was a great sport and won the late entry category with this charmer.

There’s beauty in the sights I believe

From Ennis to Dublin, I don’t want to leave

Lots of places we went

And lots of money we spent

Now if I could only meet Rick Steve


I was honored with this entry and given this book.

I met a young couple from Galway

Shared a pint with good craic along the way

I was schooled on hurling

The stories were a swirling

We toasted the teams and enjoyed the day!


Scott and Linda

The Black Sheep from Dingle (by Linda)

There once was a black sheep from Dingle
Who lamented that he remained single
Until one fine day
He rolled in the hay
And discovered that he had co-mingled.

Ogie (by Scott)
Upon arrival in Dingle by tour-bus,
A wolfhound named Ogie did greet us.
He drank his weight in ale,
His health did not fail…
But he peed a river of Guinness!

Liz also knocked it out of the park!


Our bus took a ferry to Kerry

Days later through Tipperary

We’ve driven Slea Head

And slept in nice beds

I only wish I could tarry

One Comment Add yours

  1. Scott Bieber says:

    Thanks for keeping a record of this outstanding tour!


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