A Castle Indeed!

Kilkenny Castle

I enjoyed the visit and history lesson that accompanied Kilkenny Castle. The property is well maintained after three phases of restorations. “The first phase of restoration in the 1970s saw the Picture Gallery wing refurbished. In the 1990s, the second phase restored interiors of the central block to the style of a grand country house of the 1830s. The third phase of restoration, completed in 2000, developed the Parade Tower wing as a purpose-built function and conference area.” (http://kilkennycastle.ie/about/). At each turn I was astounded by the attention to detail, the care, and livability of the home. No doubt having one family (Butler) in control and living on the property for almost 600 years maintaining records and taking photos helped with the restoration. It seemed unbelievable that a receipt for a rug or documentation for exact color and style of the wallpaper were salvaged, however these details helped recreate the castle to a stunning showcase.

As I walked through the castle and gardens I marveled at the architecture and wondered if re-enactments of balls were ever hosted here? After a little research it doesn’t appear that balls or galas take place in period attire on site. However, there are other charity and youth gatherings at the castle.

We were guided by several experts who shared some interesting stories about the furnishings and lives of the family. The tea was housed in a small table in the sitting room and locked. Only the lady of the house had a key. As a tea drinker, I appreciated the concept. 😉

This home also had fire screens. Decorative panels hanging on a post that could be moved to shelter a women’s face from direct heat from the fire. As makeup was a wax base, it helped the makeup not melt. Possibly resulting in her “saving face”. (https://www.beautifulwithbrains.com/fire-screens-prevent-wax-makeup-melting/ ). I found no credible connection between wax makeup, heat, and the phrase “having a melt down”. However, it did seem important to check!

Needless to say, I was enchanted by the Kilkenny Castle and would recommend a visit.






Since we drove through Limerick to get to Kilkenny, I thought another attempt would be appreciated 😉

Limerick of the day (our guide asked us to write a few)

A limerick you asked me to write

The challenge created a plight

The words they did flow

Some were good to go

In the end none seemed quite right

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