Ireland: Day 1ish

The Ireland vacation has begun: Alleluia

Great hiking at the Cliffs of Moher this morning. Occasionally, I will experience a place where a song jumps into your head and keeps looping. At the Cliffs of Moher it was “Alleluia”. As we walked along the Cliffs, taking in the beautiful green hills sprinkled with cattle on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, I took a deep breath and moved to a place of forgiveness and peace. Nature has a way of being spiritual for me, a great place to reflect. Somehow the Cliffs of Moher seems majestic and harsh at the same time. It is not particularly difficult to imagine a time when this place hosted tragedies and conflicts. Our guide shared stories about county characters and sang songs from his childhood.

One such story connected history and the sea:

The story of John P Holland and his failure and then success with submarine development ( The founder of both British and US submarine forces. A great reminder of why providing an opportunity to fail is essential for future success.

Although this was an interesting story, I believe I will need to visit with Dee Sabol about her family and the fly fishing in Ennis. Since we arrived yesterday morning (5/24/2019) in Shannon, we were able to take the day to explore, sip some whiskey and dine in the Ennis community. We especially appreciated Jane’s walking tour in Ennis. Interesting history and background for the group. Jane had a lovely storytelling talent that was clearly well researched (

Limerick of the day 😉

A guide named Darcy had we

He sang like a man from the sea

The stories he told

From recent and old

Entertained from the cliffs to Kilkenny

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