Fun fragrance. Delightful memory. Cherished.

As I wondered through the grocery store looking at the variety of novelty offerings, I came across home-made bar soap. The fragrances were unique and then I saw it, “pipe tobacco and coffee” – I picked up the bar and closed my eyes – and inhaled. Ah, Grandpa Ulland.

I remember visiting my grandfather early in my life. He was the fun one who had his own toy box and could pay an accordion. He had special, only when grandpa takes them out, toys. Out came the toys to play with, and he took his hand-held accordion out to play a song a sing along. He had a full-sized accordion for serious polka music and a “Grandpa exclusive” concert. It is interesting that the smell of the pipe tobacco and coffee brought me right to memories of my grandfather. He was jolly and fun to be around, always a special time.

My last memories of him are the letters he would write from his hospital bed at Mayo Clinic. His final days were in a hospital. He would write letters to me and I would promptly send one back with paper flowers or another craft. He wasn’t allowed any real flowers, and he always remarked on the creative, colorful creations I would dream up and make for him.

As I think about all the family memories at this time of year, I cherish the memory of my grandfather, his fun personality, and his willingness to indulge in his granddaughter’s creativity. Once again, I am delighted by the memories that come with a fragrance and pipe tobacco and coffee reminds me of my accordion playing grandfather. Fun fragrance. Delightful memory. Cherished.


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