Holiday Wishes

Ron and Jeanine

A brief update and holiday wish from us to you!

Happy Holidays!

2018 has been a year of exploration, loss, and milestones. We finished 2017 with a trip to Paris and were delighted by the city, the food, and the people. This summer we enjoyed a trip to Norway and Sweden. We met and visited with Ron’s Swedish relatives for a family reunion. This fall, we explored the wonderful parks of southern Minnesota, and look forward to visiting more next year!

Family Experiences

This year we lost my Grandmother Polly. She was with us for just about 99-1/2-years. She had a good life and I still feel a loss when I visit Bemidji and no longer visit Grandma and her plants.

Ron and I are great uncle and aunt to four new babies this year! Three girls (Eleanore, Everin, Ellis) and a boy (Sigurd) were welcomed from January to July! There is nothing better than celebrating new life and grand-parenthood with your siblings! Very fun and lots of snuggles!!!

Ron celebrated his 60th birthday with a lovely dinner with his siblings and families. We are so fortunate to have family close and healthy this year!

I gave snowboarding a whirl—then decided to ski. Big thank you to Mackenzie for a fun winter experience!!



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