Bringing Joy and Inspiring Energy

Bringing Joy and Inspiring Energy

“OMG, why didn’t I know you a year ago?” I know, right!

Last week I met another dynamic woman leader. She talked about her journey through careers, education, life direction, and relationships. Her journey brought her to a point in time where we were meeting and talking about how we could (and should!!) work together. Her energy was palpable. Her ideas for ways to connect were just what I needed to hear. Finally, someone understands that work can be done in hundreds of ways, relationships created, people served, a more engaged and connected community. The time flew by and I wanted the conversation and the “stream of consciousness” to keep going.

I am grateful for the people I engage with on a daily basis. Every once in a while you meet that individual who seems like you have known for ever. Ideas connect and the discussion and concepts grow to a better idea. This idea of being “better together” transcends occupation, affiliation and relationship types. It is essential to moving a concept forward to an idea, to a plan, to change and betterment.

It is clear to me that I love connecting with people. I am helplessly drawn to joy and individuals with energy – “get up and go”, all resulting from connections. It drives me to be better, to do the work that is less enjoyable, so that more people can connect and be better together. Better together is the tagline to my life story.

The concept of being better together is a theme in my life and career. Really nothing is possible without connecting to others. As I contemplate my 2 year anniversary in my role in Rochester for WSU, I think about the successes and yet to be successes. I like working with people who will “play in my world”. What does that mean? People who have a positive attitude – in fact have found their personal joy and share that with others – those are the people who play well. It is essential that connecting people to people – communicating though any means possible – will cultivate relationships – bring joy and inspire energy.


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