Why dance?

Why dance?

“I can do that” was my response when asked if I would be willing to dance for the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust, Youth Arts Education fund. I have been asked why, what is the connection to me and my work. For me, I appreciate those who are dedicated to art, culture and community betterment. Coming from a family that has members with art talents, musical abilities, and an eye for what works aesthetically, I have always appreciated art, theater, music and a wide range of cultural activity. To be honest, I appreciate…. (Not necessarily the skilled one in my family!).

Professionally, I think the connection to youth arts education is a perfect fit with WSU-Rochester. The nursing, education, and social work programs are all known for the immersion approach to education. Faculty and students are highly engaged with youth and non-profits across Rochester and the region.

  • Collaborating with partners at the Boys and Girls club to study how programming improves the health of children.
  • Engaging with teachers to launch and participate in an annual STEM camp at Riverside Elementary to inspire children.
  • Actively supporting the work of IMAA through service learning and internships.

These are all examples of how the high-end professionals at WSU-Rochester stimulate creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking through hands on learning. We have been doing this work for over 100 years. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to help my community raise funds to support youth arts education.

  • This is important.
  • This is our wheelhouse.
  • This is why I dance!

Please consider donating to the Gangeness/Ray team, for more information go to:

https://rochartstrust.org and vote (donate) for team Gangeness/Ray at bidpal.net/DFTA2017

Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust, Youth arts education: Research shows arts exposure and integration across the curriculum stimulates the creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in the 21st century and beyond. Students are engaged and empowered through an excellent arts education. Over the years, funds raised by the Trust, through its Dancing for the Arts event, have resulted in grants for nonprofit organizations providing unique arts education opportunities not found in the public school system. To date, hundreds of thousands of youth have been impacted.


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  1. Carolyn O'Grady says:

    Great picture, great post!


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