A Simple Thank You

The simple act of writing a thank you note is one of the most rewarding parts of my week. There are several people who have mentored this practice for me, my mother, my husband, my siblings, community leaders, and my team. I love working with people who reach out and express their gratitude. It seems simple, however the reality, for me, is that I don’t always have a chance to say thank you. For shame, right? Well, I decided there is a way to overcome the urgency of the moment, by reflecting and writing a simple note of appreciation. I do it more to center my life and reflect on the greatness around me.

Over the past 18 months I have had the honor of serving faculty, staff, students, and WSU in Rochester. This community has been welcoming and kind. Regardless of the community member or industry where they work, there has been a welcome and introduction of opportunities that seem uniquely Rochester. One such encounter and relationship that I would like to highlight as both mentor and friend is Don Supalla. He is a community treasure. He walks the walk of gratitude and recognition for great work. I am convinced that his budget for thank you notes outpaces my monthly cellular service costs. When I came to Rochester he welcomed me and we had coffee at Café Steam – for that introduction alone, I am grateful! During that initial visit and over the past year he has provided clear and succinct advice on navigating a new and exciting city. His advice has been true.


There is another group of individuals who rock my world every day – the WSU Rochester staff and faculty. They work hard every day to identify ways to better serve students. When presented with a new opportunity they give it a whirl. Understanding that we are exploring together, I have found safety in their confidence and commitment to better student opportunities. They are true to the population in Rochester and beyond and have been true to me as I learn from their dedication. I am deeply grateful for the team, for Kristi, Brenda, Kelly, Trent, Diane, Jane, Sara, Carolyn, Christina, Sue, Ardell, Paula and Kyle. They are the steadiest of companions and are doing exceptional, often unrecognized work. Thank you!

Over my career I have learned to be grateful and appreciate each twist, turn, and personality. With every step there is something to appreciate, even with failure – we can celebrate the commitment of great people who weathered the storm with us. Celebrations seem even sweeter when we have a team that made the work possible. Everything is truly possible with a team and a culture of gratitude.

With appreciation and sincerity,


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  1. I agree that in our busy life we forget to thank people. The power of gratitude benefits both the giver and receiver. Thank you for this wonderful reminder and tribute.

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