A Holiday Season Update, 2016

Happy Holidays to our friends and family. We are grateful to celebrate another blessed year and look forward to an exciting New Year! May you and yours be blessed this season and the entire new year.

I am thankful for all I have and all I can do; most of all I am thankful for you, and you, and you! Cheers!!!

Just a quick update on what is happening with us –

  • Ron celebrated 32 years at Park Rapids area schools as a School Psychologist and retired in June
  • Jeanine is loving her new role, community, friends and colleagues.

We are now officially urban dwellers and love being a part of downtown Rochester (below).

  • Picture on right, Jeanine went “Over the edge” to raise funds for the local girl scouts! That’s 9 stories!!


This year we said goodbye to Sharon, Ron’s sister.

Ron is now joining Jeanine at community events….


Looking good!

WSU Rochester Updates


WSU Rochester on Broadway, Facts and Figures

General Information:

  • The Riverside Building is located at 400 South Broadway on the intersection of 4th Street SW and Broadway Avenue in Rochester, Minnesota
  • The original building was constructed by the Olmsted County Co-Operative Association during 1917-1918. It was a state-of-art building of the time. The historical Riverside building has been home to a car dealership, roller rink, furniture store, tea shop, other various organizations and small businesses.
  • Winona State University is leasing 6,319 square feet, the entire 3rd floor, formerly occupied by Rochester Area Foundation
  • The space will house Adult and Continuing Education (ACE), HealthForce Minnesota, the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and staff, various faculty for the new adult friendly programs
  • The facilities include one classroom, conference rooms, office spaces, as well as an collaborative open space

Project Design and Construction

  • Alvin E. Benike, Inc.
  • Construction work will began the summer of 2016. The project on budget and on schedule will be completed for spring 2017.


I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Great family, friends, and colleagues. Each day I am blessed to do meaningful work in higher education. At this time of year I reflect on the best ways to make a lasting impact. Therefore…..

Ron and I have been discussing the various charitable opportunities and feel strongly that the priorities of the Rotary Foundation and our priorities align. Rotarians boldly choose to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact. These are topics near to our hearts as a school psychologist (Ron) and public health nurse (Jeanine), we have dedicated our lives to issues that align with the Rotary Foundation.


I believe


During the aftermath of this election I have had a chance to reflect on how the transition to new federal administration will impact the work I do, the people I care about, and my life trajectory. I honestly do not know the answers. However, I do have some beliefs…

I believe that there will be challenges to the change.

I believe we will have success in work, humanity, and life.

I believe there will be frustrations in work, humanity, and life.

I believe I will work toward unity.

I believe that I will continue to advocate for partnerships, diversity, and compassion for all.

I believe it is my job to be a part of the solutions.

I believe in grace, a grace period, and grace through accepting that we have great diversity in opinions.

I believe all of these things would be true, regardless of the election outcome.

Most of all, I believe…