The wonder and exceptional creativity of a child

The wonder and exceptional creativity of a child.

A couple weeks ago I was invited to visit STEM Camp at Riverside Elementary. The camp is a delightful opportunity for children to engage in courses designed and taught by professionals in the Rochester Elementary Education program; the WSU- Rochester Graduate Induction Program, the Teacher Preparation Collaborative; and recent graduates of each program. The students were busy building, creating, and being allowed to fail. Yes, I said it! The students tried one approach and then another. So often we forget that part of creativity is failing. I recently read a posting on raising creative children and was struck by the great recommendations and how they play out in camps like STEM camp ( Summer is a great time for camps, exploring, creativity, and celebrating failure!


Partnership Basics

Partnership Basics

I was asked to re-post my thoughts on partnering. The basics for partnership:

  • Developing and maintaining the partnership requires work. Show up, address concerns before the concerns turn to problems, and never assume your organization is the only option for your partner. I refer to this as the “no entitlement rule”.
  • Partnerships benefit all partners. The partnership is about more than money and should have an outcome that benefits students. I refer to this as the “no extortion rule”.

I truly appreciate the variety of thoughts and creative problem solving approaches that are only possible with diversity of opinions, life experiences, and world views.

Great partnerships result in fiscally responsible organizational structures.

Great partnerships create the best outcomes.

Great partnerships are the future, a sustainable future.